28 seconds, new record!
Freddy about new skateboarding record

Freddy Jones is a main character in School of Rock. He is the drummer of the band, School of Rock and is a student at William B. Travis Prep School.

Freddy is portrayed by Ricardo Hurtado.


The new kid who brings a fresh rebellious perspective to William B. Travis Prep School. He is an effortlessly "cool" kid who recognizes the opportunity in building the band with Dewey, and challenges the class to take risks in the name of having fun. Freddy is a good role model for Lawrence and Zack, has the same interests as Tomika, and supports Summer when it counts.


He is a cool rebellious soul.


Summer HathawayEdit

Crush on her side, possibly mutual Main Article: Freddy and Summer
Summer likes Freddy and has been liking him ever since the Pilot. It is shown in Cover Me that he may have mutual feelings

Zack MooneyhamEdit

Best Friend
File:Freddy and Zack (1).png

Main Article: Freddy and Zack
Zack and Freddy are best friends and partners in crime.




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