I am NOT impressed. I am SUPER impressed!
—Summer about Freddy's skateboarding

Summer Hathaway is a main character in School of Rock. She is the manager of the band, School of Rock and is a student at William B. Travis Prep School.

Summer is portrayed by Jade Pettyjohn.


Not satisfied with playing tambourine in the band, she ultimately becomes the manager when she realizes she can use her organizational skills to help out the band. Summer has a crush on Freddy (Hurtado).


Summer is sassy, responsible, and is kind to everyone around her.


Freddy JonesEdit

In Come Together, Summer saw Freddy skateboard throughout the school hallway. She was super impressed with him and Tomika convinced her to ask him out but Summer still had to get his hopes up. In the halfway of the episode, Summer flirted with Freddy but became a failure.

In Cover Me, Summer wanted Tomika's help to skateboard to impress Freddy. Tomika offered to help and Summer skateboarded but Freddy didn't look. This made Summer want to do something else to impress Freddy, by singing. Tomika helps her by using a tune harmonica but Summer sings badly and then Tomika shows her how by singing Lips Are Movin' by Meghan Trainor. Freddy and Mr. Finn hear her voice singing and run to the classroom to see who was singing and Tomika tells them that Summer was singing. Mr. Finn asks Summer to be the lead singer and to sing infront the whole class. Summer begins to lip sync and Tomika sings for her outside of pthe classroom. Tomika took the spot of lead singer after Summer convinced her but as they hugged, Mr. Finn had heard the girl's conversation and made Summer the cowbell player and told her she needed to stand right next to the drummer (Freddy). When Summer went over to her spot Freddy thanked her for stepping up for the band, Summer replied and said that Tomika was the singer and Freddy answered back by saying that she convinced Tomika that she should be the lead singer and that what she did was really cool, they both smiled at each other and then he told Summer to count them in.

In Video Killed the Speed Debate Star, Freddy tells the band that they need a better system for hiding their instruments, but then Summer quickly responded by saying that what Freddy said was utter and total nonsense and that it was based on false logic. Freddy than questions it but Summer who says no, and that he actually had a good point, and that she was actually just practicing for her debate on Wedsnday.

In The Story About Us (But More About Me), the camera caught Freddy staring and smiling at Summer a couple of times but in the end of the episode when Summer had wrote an awesome song Freddy smiled at Summer and congratulated her and Summer smiled at him.



  • Summer is the show's adaption of Miranda Cosgrove's character in the original 2003 movie.
  • Even though Summer can't sing, Jade Pettyjohn her portrayer, is a good singer.
  • Her last name may be a reference to Breanna Yde, the portrayer of Tomika playing as Frankie Hathaway in The Haunted Hathaway's.


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