Dude. I went right after you!
—-Zack to Lawrence about hanging up cameras around the school.

Zack Mooneyham is a main character in School of Rock. He is the of the band, School of Rock and a student at William B. Travis Prep School.

Zack is portrayed by Lance Lim.


Lance Lim ("Growing Up Fisher") as "Zack", a reserved child of overbearing parents, who comes out of his shell as the band's electric guitarist. He walks the line between fearing the consequences of breaking the rules and embracing the independence that Dewey encourages. Zack is a good friend to all, and with the confidence he gains from the band he makes the choice to become his own man instead of a "Yale man". For an example in We Cannot Take It, Zack gets caught by his dad when playing his electric guitar in his room instead of doing his homework. His dad talks to Ms. Mullins and she takes out Zack of Mr. Finn's class and moves him to another class. After Zack gets caught jumping out of the window, Mr. Mooneyham comes and talks with Zack on why he is acting rebellious and standing up to himself. Zack says that Mr. Finn taught him to don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.


Zackary is a very outgoing and tough man, but, his father wants him to grow up to be a CEO one day.





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